upper grades reading
Mon Jul 8, 2013 19:34

There is some really amazing literature out there for older readers. I do response journals with my students and that really helps me to learn about personal interests and even meet some new authors and books. When I'm just "checking out" a book, I'll read it through rather quickly and just jot some notes down for things like theme or other lesson ideas. If I decide it's one I actually want to use with my kids then I'll go back and give it a second, more thorough reading. My kids love doing book clubs and literature circles. It's so neat to hear their thoughts and get their insight on their reading. I would love to do some blogging too. We tried this year but it didn't work as well as I would have liked. We started strong but then it sort of dwindled. I need some new ideas to keep it going and make it more effective.

  • Upper grades reading - Heather Fisher, Mon Jul 8 18:00
    I have enjoyed upper grades this year, however; it is more outside of class reading on my part to be prepared for discussions in class. I find that I am reading much slower and trying to think more... more
    • upper grades reading - lohrmk, Mon Jul 8 19:34
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