Debby Wyant
Re: Introduction
Mon Jul 8, 2013 21:26

Hey Cristina, I understand about having family far away. My babies live in Pennsylvania and so does my husband's family. We use Skpe often to 'visit' with them. It's a great tool for long distance communitcation. I love it when one of my grandkids has an important event, like the loss of their first tooth, and they can Skype me and I get to share those moments.

  • Introduction - Cristina Ward, Mon Jul 8 19:33
    Hi everyone! My name is Christina Ward. This is my third year at Yadkin County Schools ( Yadkinville Elementary ).I am an English as a Second Language teacher (ESL)there. I feel very excited and... more
    • Re: Introduction - Debby Wyant, Mon Jul 8 21:26
    • Similar Interests - Myra Leonhardt, Mon Jul 8 21:14
      Hi Christina! We have similar hobbies. I also love to hike, photograph flowers and family, and absolutely love the beach! My favorite hike is Hawksbill in Morganton, NC. If you have not been on that... more
    • Fascinating - lohrmk, Mon Jul 8 19:39
      Where does your family live? Do you find it hard to be far away from them? My mother is an ESL teacher in Buncombe County. Congratulations on your upcoming graduation!
      • Thank you! - Cristina Ward, Mon Jul 8 20:02
        My family is scattered around Europe mainly Germany and Switzerland. Yes, I miss them, but thanks to technology I don't feel them so far away :). I visit them when I can, but this is home for me now! ... more
        • Europe - lohrmk, Mon Jul 8 20:12
          A friend of mine lives in Austria. She loves it there. I've personally never been but the pictures she posts on Facebook are just breath-taking. I'm glad technology can help you feel closer to your... more
          • Re:Europe! - Cristina Ward, Mon Jul 8 20:20
            I think every place has its charm! I also love the mountains in North Carolina and TN !!!
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