Myra Leonhardt
Hang in there!
Mon Jul 8, 2013 21:28

Good to meet you Marcia! Don't lose heart! You will get a job! This profession is worth every minute! When you see kids you have taught grow up and come back to you with a hug and sharing of special memories, that it when you know that the seeds you planted were worth the time and energy! It has happened to me! They do remember you!

  • Introduction - Marcia Cornett, Sun Jul 7 20:44
    Hi everyone. My name is Marcia Cornett and I just graduated with my bachelors in Elementary Education from App. This is my first class for my masters. I am excited to learn some new skills to teach... more
    • Hang in there! - Myra Leonhardt, Mon Jul 8 21:28
    • job will work out - koppenhaverd, Mon Jul 8 17:50
      Wow are you juggling a complicated life! My guess is a job will work out if you are patient--I read recently that avg teacher in NC is now lasting 18 mos. That means, despite budget issues there are... more
    • Welcome! - lohrmk, Mon Jul 8 11:23
      Congratulations on finishing your Bachelors and welcome to the Masters program. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time in the program and have learned so much! How old are your kids? I have two children... more
    • Re: Introduction - Morgan Williams, Mon Jul 8 01:06
      Hey Marcia. I can relate to you practicing on your children. I did my student teaching in First Grade the same time that my sister was in First Grade, and I was living at home. I used to come home... more
    • Re: Introduction - Lindsay Aaron, Sun Jul 7 20:51
      Marcia, that is awesome that you are going straight into your Master's Degree. Are you going to begin teaching this Fall or wait until you are done with your Master's? Way to go on beginning a... more
      • Re: Introduction - Marcia Cornett, Sun Jul 7 21:16
        Lindsay, I hope to find a job. I have placed applications everywhere from Caldwell County to the outer banks. I do not wish to move due to custody with my boys and coaching cheerleading at the local... more
        • Re: Introduction - Lindsay Aaron, Mon Jul 8 18:58
          Aw great! I am hoping to become a cheerleading coach in a few years as well. Good luck on the job hunt! I wish you the best!
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