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Debby Wyant
Re: Intro to me :)
Mon Jul 8, 2013 21:48

Morgan, I love art also and reading. I have spent many year gardening to feed all my kids, but spend summers in Pennsylvania these last few years with the grandkids. I gave up gardening at this point. Pennsylvania summers are amazing. They don't have the humidity, nor do they have flies. It's just too cold in the winter for such to survive. I love going to the beach at Lake's my favorite place. We love to camp on the beach and just hang. This summer, I have spent part of my time there and part of it home in Advance, NC. I travel back and forth often and doesn't leave much time for my art. I paint sometimes when I don't have too much homework.

  • Intro to me :) - Morgan Williams, Sun Jul 7 21:49
    Hey! I am Morgan Williams. I graduated from App in 2003. This will be my 6th year teaching. I taught Second Grade for a year and a half, and then moved to First. I have been teaching First at... more
    • Re: Intro to me :) - Debby Wyant, Mon Jul 8 21:48
      • Re: Intro to me :) - Morgan WIlliams, Tue Jul 9 13:57
        Hey Debby- That is awesome that you get to travel to Penn in the summers. Sometimes I think it would be really nice to have somewhere to escape too. What do you like to paint? I am with you on the... more
    • Re: Morgan - Ashley Dezern, Mon Jul 8 20:40
      I like introducing myself on here too because I would also have a red face if we were doing this in a classroom. :)
    • Hi! - Paige Moretz, Mon Jul 8 18:18
      Morgan, I feel just as awkward introducing myself here as I do in class! I like art too! What are you into? Do you make art, or do you look at art. That might have been worded poorly, but you know... more
      • Re: Hi! - Morgan Williams, Tue Jul 9 14:01
        Hey Paige....That is awesome about the Andy Warhol art exhibit! I went to a few of the exhibits when I was up there. I heard they have art walks on King street now? I hate I missed those. I like... more
    • tech intros and art - koppenhaverd, Mon Jul 8 17:46
      It is interesting how some folks flourish in a tech environment who don't like speaking up in class. One of the repeated conversations around threaded discussion differences from in-class is that in... more
      • Re: tech intros and art - Morgan Williams, Tue Jul 9 14:10
        Good point about speaking out in Public. I am sure you see so many students you probably don't remember, but I had during Block 1 (where we were taught how to teach reading). I really like to paint... more
    • Hi! - lohrmk, Mon Jul 8 14:30
      Hello Morgan! I also enjoy reading. I would rather read a book than watch TV. In fact, I watch very little television. I have always wanted to garden but I tend to kill plants. My thumb is most... more
      • Re: Hi! - Morgan WIlliams, Tue Jul 9 14:14
        I am the exact same way! I feel like I just don't have time for T.V, or I might be too ADD to sit in front of it very long. I like this, but hate it, because I always feel like I am so behind when it ... more
        • Favorite Book.... - lohrmk, Thu Jul 11 22:23
          That is a tough question for me actually. I love so many books. On the scale of all time favorites list my stock answer is Jane Austen's Pride & Prejudice. Although, I very much loved Great... more
    • reply-Morgan and Tech Group - Cindi Bradshaw, Mon Jul 8 10:49
      Morgan, I was wanting to see if your tech group was full. I thought that I read some where that you will be teaching 6th grade for the first time and I figured that since I will be teaching 6th grade ... more
      • Upper Grade Tech Group - lohrmk, Mon Jul 8 14:34
        Cindi, if you are interested, we have a tech group that is currently two fourth grade teachers and one fifth grade teacher if you would like to join. We are all in that early adolescent band and... more
        • tech group - Cindi Bradshaw, Mon Jul 8 14:37
          That would be wonderful. Thanks so much for your help.
          • Ok - lohrmk, Mon Jul 8 19:14
            I added you.
      • Cindi - Morgan Williams, Mon Jul 8 11:35
        Hey Cindi...I actually teach First grade. If you still want to be in a tech group with me you can. Its me and Karie Steelman right now.
    • Re: Intro to me :) - Morgan Williams, Mon Jul 8 09:40
      I just read my intro from last night. I actually graduated high school in 2003, and from App in 2007.
    • Re: Morgan - Robyn Pickering, Sun Jul 7 22:58
      There are some definite advantages and disadvantages to working through technology. Like you, I always feel a little awkward introducing myself in a class, but I do enjoy getting to see people's... more
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