Marcia Cornett
Tue Jul 9, 2013 02:46

Kassy, I had to do some research as well and decided on Delicious in case I want to switch carriers in the future. The comment on blogs stated that website was most effective in interchanging the bookmarks. However, I LOVE your pinterest wall. I have never messed with pinterest but seeing your page makes me want to change my site. It is so organized by folders with specific topics in each one. I love that!

  • Kassy's thoughts on SBM"ing" - hobsonkd, Mon Jul 8 23:42
    Task 1: Strengths, limitations, and uses or potential uses of social bookmarking in my kindergarten classroom The only one of these social bookmarking programs that I had prior knowledge on was... more
    • Resources for Kiddos - Paige Moretz, Wed Jul 10 13:12
      Kassy, Great points! I went through the same mental processes, and came to Pinterest. I'm still getting used to it. Like you, I think it might be best for teachers, and not teachers and students. But ... more
    • Re: Kassy - Robyn Pickering, Tue Jul 9 21:26
      Like you Kassy I do like the search capabilities of ScoopIt. Have you ever tried out the search function on pinterest? I can see your point that Pinterst seems better for teacher sharing and ScoopIt... more
    • Re: Kassy's thoughts on SBM"ing" - Lindsay Aaron, Tue Jul 9 15:29
      Kassy, a great tool for students to easily access websites is creating a Symbaloo. You can visit the site at
      • Great things - hobsonkd 127, Tue Jul 9 15:34
        I've heard great things about Symbaloo -- I am definitely going to have to check it out! :-)
        • Re: Great things - Lindsay Aaron , Tue Jul 9 22:20
          It is very user friendly. It was introduced to us in Davidson County by our Lead Teachers!! There are tutorial videos that help you get started!!
    • Re: Kassy's thoughts - Natalie Kabel, Tue Jul 9 13:29
      Kassy, I have never really thought about using, that is something that I will have to do more research on. I really like pinterest and know how you use it, but I am wondering if it is very... more
    • Pinterest - Marcia Cornett, Tue Jul 9 02:46
      • Pinterest - Hannah Andrews, Wed Jul 10 09:00
        That is one reason why I chose Pinterest. I knew that you would be able to create specific boards and keep things very organized and easy to use.
      • Pinning Addict - hobsonkd 127, Tue Jul 9 09:52
        I will definitely have to check out Delicious -- I haven't played around with the site and I am now very curious! I am glad you liked my Pinterst Wall. As you can tell, I am a bit obsessed. Anytime I ... more
        • Pinning Addict - Natalie Kabel, Wed Jul 10 16:17
          Kassy, How did you do a personal and professional one? I think I'm going to set up both as well. Can you help?
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