Heather Fisher
RE: Marcia Cornett
Tue Jul 9, 2013 11:29


I have never really thought of using Social Bookmarking in my class either, however; after reading the Forbes article, I am finding it useful not just in upper grades but lower as well. “It is also important to remember that just because children can’t read words doesn’t mean they can’t recognize pictures or comprehend what they see” (Scott, 2003, p. 43). I am constantly finding that students are way more tech savvy than I am. They can navigate the internet well and would benefit from the experience online. The Forbes article referenced Special Education students benefiting from the auditory and visual aspect of online programs, we must remember to have these students utilizing the Internet and social bookmarking as well (Forbes, 149). Having all of the websites in one place would create independence and engagement in our classrooms, enabling teachers to have more time to work with other students. Sure, social bookmarking is going to take time, as was referenced 12 hours in the Forbes article, but the good thing about technology is once you have it posted, it is always there.

  • Social Bookmarking - Marcia Cornett, Tue Jul 9 02:38
    The use of a social bookmarking site has never been initiated by me before. However completing the research and creation process, I have decided that these web pages could be extremely useful in a... more
    • RE: Marcia Cornett - Heather Fisher, Tue Jul 9 11:29
      • kids and skill - Myra Leonhardt, Wed Jul 10 23:27
        Marcia, I agree that children even the younger ages are efficient in using a variety of sites!They adapt quickly to the use of different programs and would easily grasp the methods of using these... more
      • RE: Marcia Cornett - Breanna Hooks, Wed Jul 10 15:05
        Heather, I agree that you often think of young children not being able to use these social bookmarking sites. After reading the Forbes article I realized that you don't have to read to use the... more
        • RE:Breanna - Heather Fisher, Wed Jul 10 17:13
          Breanna, You are right and kids can navigate the internet without any instruction. If we do our part by frontloading and scaffolding so they understand, then our life will be so much easier when... more
      • Re: Breanna's Comment - Robyn Pickering, Tue Jul 9 21:29
        I think you've stumbled onto something important for us as teacher to keep in mind Breanna. While it will take a while to bookmark everything for our classes, once we have it it's there. I do wish... more
      • RE: Marcia Cornett - Marcia Cornett, Tue Jul 9 16:58
        That is what I have come to like about it as well. The fact that once its there you dont have to search the internet to find it again. Talk about time management! Much needed in a classroom!
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