Cindi Bradshaw
Tue Jul 9, 2013 16:39

BYOD is awesome!! I had 3 computers in my classroom last year for 30 students---you do the math, not to mention 1 of the 3 did not work all year long.

BYOD is so relevant; here is an example. Last night in class I gave the same example about Left for Dead and Captain McVay, 3 students down--grown woman, been teaching kindergarten for 15 years starts laughing when I give the description of my student that tells me that the site "Says exactly what you said Mrs. Bradshaw" everyone turns to see why she is laughing and it is because as I was talking she was doing the exact same thing as my 8th graders. ALL of us adults do it, it is completely acceptable for adults in every profession to access information everyday via whatever device whether it be a phone, tablet, laptop, desktop, e-reader, whatever--we do it and we prefer our own because we are comfortable with them. The thing is this, my student was reading, he was learning, he was researching and he did not have to wait on me to tell him. The teacher sitting there last night was learning, she was reading and she did not have to wait until she got home or worse yet until she got to a library at which time she along with my student would have probably forgotten anyway. Think about all of the chances for learning and READING that are lost every single day in every single classroom across America because we tell students NO you must wait.

  • Re: reply-BYOD - Lindsay Aaron, Tue Jul 9 15:37
    That is great! I have students beg to bring their ipad and tables to school so that the can use them during out SSR time. I think it would be so great! I would just require monitoring by the teacher. ... more
    • BYOD - Cindi Bradshaw, Tue Jul 9 16:39
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