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cool resources
Tue Jul 9, 2013 16:47

I am still in the process of making my website and I too am using Weebly. I am a fan of it so far. Very user-friendly! I need to go through all of my bookmarks because I have collected quite a few teacher resources from various classes, especially the teaching the language arts class. There were so many interesting websites for literacy, writing, etc. I really enjoy read-write-think. I use it a lot for lesson ideas. I also like Writing Fix. It has some really great writing lessons on it that are easily adaptable to just about any grade level.

  • Cool Resources - Paige Moretz, Tue Jul 9 12:26
    I am using Weebly to create my website, and if you have the education version (which is free) they have a page type you can use for assignment submissions. Very cool! Also, I don't know if any of you ... more
    • cool resources - lohrmk, Tue Jul 9 16:47
    • Red: Cool Resources - Robyn Pickering, Tue Jul 9 15:29
      Thanks for the tip. I've used the website many times to look for lesson ideas, but I didn't realize they had a parent resource section. I'm super excited because there are... more
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