Cindi Bradshaw
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Tue Jul 9, 2013 20:21

Morgan I already have one too, it is fairly new, but I wonder if it would not be best to keep one just for school. I feel like a twitter just for school may be best as well. I have had a twitter for some time now as well and the only thing on it was news stuff until this class: Huffington Post, US News, New York Times, LA Times, World News

I just fear that having some private content and some public content on the same page could raise a red flag with administration. I would hate for anyone to put themselves in a situation where someone raised suspension against them when there wasn't just cause. We all know that in todays society teachers are under a microscope. Just a thought.

  • Pinterest - Morgan Williams, Tue Jul 9 15:05
    I already have a pinterest account. If you are planning to use Pinterest, are you going to create one just for school, or use your personal one? I wanted to use my personal one, but I can't figure... more
    • New Pinterest Account - Hannah Andrews, Wed Jul 10 08:55
      I didn't know how I was going to keep my personal boards private and my public boards public so I decided to make a new account where everything would be public.
      • Fear - Paige Moretz, Wed Jul 10 12:51
        Hannah, I always, always have this fear that something I say or (in this case) "pin" online will get me in trouble with a parent, student, or administrator. I think it was smart of you to just do a... more
    • Pinterest Privacy - Robyn Pickering, Tue Jul 9 21:52
      Morgan, you can make a board that is public private but you can make a board that is private public. To edit this go to your boards page and click edit on the specific board. It should be down at the ... more
      • public and private - Myra Leonhardt, Wed Jul 10 23:34
        That is exactly what I did. I created a new account just for use in my classroom. I did not want parents/students to have access to my personal pins. I am very cautious about what I put on-line... more
        • Pinterest Privacy - Robyn Pickering, Wed Jul 10 23:42
          There seems to be a certain lack of privacy to pinterst. Anyone can follow you. I have a few students who follow some of my personal boards. They just searched my name and I popped up. Unlike... more
    • Social Bookmarking - Cindi Bradshaw, Tue Jul 9 20:21
      • jobs and social media - Karie Steelman, Wed Jul 10 13:26
        I love finding ways to make connections for kids but sometimes I don't like how our jobs are included on social media. It's not that I post bad things on there but I love posting pictures of things... more
      • Agree - Paige Moretz, Wed Jul 10 13:01
        It's awful we have to be so careful, but it's always wiser to be careful. And that's a good point that just having some things hidden and some things not could be suspicious. Also, doesn't... more
        • Agree x2 - lohrmk, Wed Jul 10 14:47
          I also agree that it is better safe than sorry! I have personal social networking sites like Facebook and Pinterest but I try to keep all of the separate from school. I don't friend students or... more
          • So True! - Paige Moretz, Wed Jul 10 22:23
            I think it's always best to have two separate accounts. I mean, most of us are not doing anything nefarious online, but things can be so misinterpreted! I would never friend students or parents... more
    • made a new one - Morgan Williams, Tue Jul 9 16:19
      Thanks for you help. I decided it might be easier if I just made one for my classroom. I am not sure whether I will give my students access to pin on it, but if I decide to I figured it made more... more
      • Pinterest Change of Mind - Natalie Kabel, Wed Jul 10 16:16
        I think after reading all of this, I am thinking about making a pinterest for school. When you did, did you have to use a different email address? Can someone explain how that works?
    • Pinterest - Natalie Kabel, Tue Jul 9 15:37
      Morgan, I was going to use my own account and just create a board for school but I would like to know another way to do this as well!!
    • Re: Pinterest - Lindsay Aaron, Tue Jul 9 15:24
      Morgan, I think I have a solution. Let me play around with it and I will get back to you!
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