Robyn Pickering
Re: Social Bookmarking
Tue Jul 9, 2013 21:33

I agree with you Heather that Pinterst is very visual. This was one big contrast I saw between Pinterest/Symbaloo and Scoopit. Scoopit puts a picture with the pin, but there is a lot more text. I think for younger students it could be very overwhelming. I see Scoopit as a great resource for older students, but I think younger students would work better with the visual aspect of Pinterst with a short annotation. What do you think?

  • Social Bookmarking posts - Heather Fisher, Tue Jul 9 11:13
    I have always enjoyed social networking myself, however; I have never thought of introducing it to my students. This year I participated in a technology course at my school and I created a Symbaloo... more
    • Re: Social Bookmarking - Robyn Pickering, Tue Jul 9 21:33
      • RE: Robyn Pickering - Heather Fisher, Tue Jul 9 21:46
        I will have to look into Scoopit some more, however; if it has more text with it then it may be helpful for upper grades to add in connections, summaries, inferences etc. What sites do you use with... more
        • Re:Heather's Question - Robyn Pickering, Tue Jul 9 22:00
          I agree with your assessment Heather that ScoopIt would be good for upper grades students to add connection, summaries, etc. Before the idea of using a social bookmarking site came up, for webquests... more
          • RE: Robyn - Heather Fisher, Tue Jul 9 22:52
            Thank you so much! That is very helpful! I look forward to researching those sites!
    • Re: Social Bookmarking posts - Marcia Cornett, Tue Jul 9 17:11
      Heather, does your Symbaloo webpage have a link? I would like to check out how you have complete the page you set up.
      • Symbaloo - Heather Fisher, Tue Jul 9 21:30
        Marcia, My Symbaloo is not completely finished, it is still in progress and some of the tiles have disappeared. I need to get on there this summer and finish it up. I will attach the link and if you... more
        • Re: Symbaloo - Marcia Cornett, Wed Jul 10 00:09
          The link states that the webpage is currently not found. If you get a chance to publish it let me know. I created a site myself however it wont let me have access to the full program because I have... more
          • Marcia - Heather Fisher, Wed Jul 10 12:23
            I don't know why it's not letting you see it, I'm sorry. I will have to keep working on that!
    • Re: Social Bookmarking posts - Lindsay Aaron, Tue Jul 9 15:27
      Heather, I too use Symbaloo. It has been a life saver. It helps me keep my students on track and ensuring they are on appropriate websites. The students really worked well with the Symbaloo. They... more
      • Re: Social Bookmarking posts - Breanna Hooks, Wed Jul 10 14:53
        Lindsay, I also use symbaloo but I haven't thought about using it with my students. I use our county site when they have resources for us to use. This would definitely be a way to let students have... more
        • Re: Social Bookmarking posts - Lindsay Aaron, Wed Jul 10 15:45
          It has been the best thing to use with my students. They can choose the site they want to go to for reading or math. I have noticed fewer interruptions in my guided reading time that relate to... more
          • Re: Social Bookmarking posts - Natalie Kabel, Wed Jul 10 15:58
            Does Symbaloo allow for differentiated instruction? Does each child know where they are supposed to go for their specific instruction? I haven't done a whole lot of work looking into Symabloo yet but ... more
            • Re: Social Bookmarking posts - Lindsay Aaron, Wed Jul 10 18:15
              Yes it does. You can group your stuff together anyway you would like. I color code my icons based on subject. I think first graders can use it! I would be happy to show you!!
              • Re: Social Bookmarking posts - Natalie Kabel, Thu Jul 11 13:58
                That would be great! Can you send me a link to your symabloo account?
                • Re: Social Bookmarking posts - Lindsay Aaron , Thu Jul 11 22:40
                  I am not sure exactly how to send you a link to my personal Symbaloos. I can send you a link to other Symbaloos I follow/link to mine. I can also Skype you a screen shot of my personal Symbaloo! Let... more
                  • Re: Social Bookmarking posts - Natalie Kabel, Mon Jul 15 20:29
                    That would be great! Can you screen shot me a symbaloo? Or can you send me a link? Either one would work!
      • Ease of Links - Robyn Pickering, Tue Jul 9 21:35
        Typing in URLs and Web Addresses is hard no matter the grade level. I know I spend a good fifteen minutes of technology based lessons helping students type in the address properly. I think you and... more
      • RE: Lindsay Aaron - Heather Fisher, Tue Jul 9 21:31
        Lindsay, What kind of sites do you have on your Symbaloo for your students?
    • Symbaloo sounds cool - hobsonkd 127, Tue Jul 9 12:33
      I need to check out Symbaloo...the name rings a bell, but I don't think I've used it before. Sounds great, though! AHHH I just love your idea of using Pinterest in your classroom to pin items... more
      • Love That! - Hannah Andrews, Wed Jul 10 08:58
        I love the idea of pinning activities that go along with books that students are reading. I had never thought about doing that!
      • Re: Hobson - Heather Fisher, Tue Jul 9 21:40
        I haven't used pinterest yet in my classroom, but my students are interested in anything dealing with social media, so I wouldn't be surprised if some of them already had accounts themselves. I need... more
    • Symbaloo - Cindi Bradshaw, Tue Jul 9 11:26
      Heather, I have heard of Symbaloo. My school recommends that teachers use symbaloo when having students do any and all research projects. According to one of my computer teachers we are supposed to... more
      • RE: Cindi Bradshaw - Heather Fisher, Tue Jul 9 21:44
        Cindi, That is a great idea to have students organize their research sites on their own Symbaloo. I was just referring to students using mine to find websites for enrichment activities, however;... more
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