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Hannah Andrews
Re: Classroom website
Tue Jul 9, 2013 22:28

I had the same thoughts as you when working on my classroom website. I always felt like I had more important things to work on than my classroom website. I really like your idea of setting this site as our homepage so that students can access what they need instead of me always having to pull up websites for them during centers.

  • Classroom website - Karie Steelman, Tue Jul 9 17:46
    My first 2 years of teaching, I viewed my classroom website as just another thing I had to update. I was just getting in the groove of teaching and the last thing I was worried about was updating it... more
    • Also see the benefits - Myra Leonhardt, Tue Jul 9 23:41
      I am also looking forward to what this website can mean for my parent and student communication! More parents are now on the web and less are attentive to paper announcements. The students will also... more
    • Re: Classroom website - Hannah Andrews, Tue Jul 9 22:28
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