Paige Moretz
Sun Jul 7, 2013 14:18

Dr. K.,

I had no idea you gardened! My family is big into gardening, and I get tickled at them with the weather. Last year all I heard was how we needed rain. This year all I hear is how the rain needs to stop! Hope yours does well this season!

  • Dave's Intro - David Koppenhaver, Sat Jul 6 18:37
    I am a professor in the Reading Program just concluding my 8th year at Appalachian State. I teach courses in reading methods (particularly around students with disabilities), Teacher as Researcher,... more
    • Intro Reply - Cindi Bradshaw, Mon Jul 8 10:03
      It is kind of ironic that in your second paragraph you mention that "2 years ago the legislature thought it would be wise..." I find myself affected by the same knide of "wise legislature" as we sit... more
      • it is a shame - koppenhaverd, Tue Jul 9 16:02
        The only good thing is that by cramming, you will be one of the last group of teachers to get supplemental pay for a Masters for the foreseeable future. Certainly not ideal for learning.
        • Ideal - Cindi Bradshaw, Tue Jul 9 16:49
          When it comes to our legislature and education I don't think they have a clue what ideal is. Personally, I never entered the program for the money because it is not that much so I was not please at... more
    • response to Dave's Post - Marcia Cornett, Sun Jul 7 21:03
      Hi Dr. K. I am excited about this class. I am eager to learn different technological strategies for reading. My oldest son is an avid reader but my youngest could care less. I cant wait to try some... more
      • done - David Koppenhaver, Mon Jul 8 17:12
        Let me know what he thinks.
    • Re: Dave's Intro - Lindsay Aaron, Sun Jul 7 16:16
      Dr. K, I am so excited to be taking another one of your classes. I hope to take up gardening in the future. I just bought a new home and want to begin growing some vegetables in the back yard. I was... more
      • thanks and good luck - koppenhaverd, Mon Jul 8 17:14
        I'm glad to have you in class again. Hope you get a better balance of rain and sun for your garden than the mountains have provided the last two years.
    • Re: Dave's Intro - Breanna Hooks, Sun Jul 7 16:11
      Dr. K, Isn't it great to see what our legislature thinks is wise regarding education. It seems that no one in education agrees with them! I wish there was a way for them to spend some time in... more
      • tomatoes and legislators - koppenhaverd, Mon Jul 8 17:16
        Shame about your garden. There is nothing as good as a fresh-picked garden tomato. On the other hand, if Moral Mondays continue as they have, there may be a need for Tomato Tuesdays:-) Freshness... more
    • I was in your class! - Karie Steelman, Sun Jul 7 15:27
      I was in one of your reading classes during Block in undergrad! I still remember the Miss Bindergarten Gets Ready for Kindergarten activity when you showed us what it is like for children to learn... more
      • glad you're still teaching - koppenhaverd, Mon Jul 8 17:18
        Great to have you in class again, and glad that you're still teaching and learning! Thought your face looked familiar. Do you remember what year?
        • memory lane - Karie Steelman, Mon Jul 8 21:09
          I can't remember which year it was, I'm sorry!
    • Gardening? - Paige Moretz, Sun Jul 7 14:18
      • your family is right - koppenhaverd, Sun Jul 7 14:42
        One extreme to the other. The endless Boonesoon Season has drowned some plants and stunted growth. And no end in sight...
        • Boonesoon! - Paige Moretz, Sun Jul 7 14:47
          I love that term! I'm sorry about your plants. I've not heard how my grandmother's garden is going--just that if it doesn't dry up things will start rotting!
    • Fun Fact - lohrmk, Sun Jul 7 10:14
      One of my nieces attends Catawba College. She just finished her freshman year. I had honestly never heard of the school before she told me that she was interested in going there (about two years ago) ... more
      • Catawba son - koppenhaverd, Sun Jul 7 11:04
        He loved Catawba. Small enough that he couldn't get lost. He was a theater tech major, and they have a first-rate theater program. Hope she has as great a time as he did.
        • Too funny! - lohrmk, Sun Jul 7 11:17
          My niece is a theatre tech major too!
          • Small world - koppenhaverd, Sun Jul 7 13:09
            That's a really strong program at Catawba. He was all lined up to be the Asst Tech Director at Blowing Rock Theater, and then they shut down about the time he graduated. He did a bunch of 1-wk to... more
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