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Spelling City & Sharepoint
Wed Jul 10, 2013 09:53

How could I forget spelling city! I like that site too. I've used that site on spelling contracts before. The kids really enjoy it, even fourth graders. Thanks for reminding me!

I've got the whole put up a new post and add documents and things like that to Sharepoint. What is so difficult is having to change the layout. Every year I have to overhaul it because every year we seem to be in some new, slightly different configuration from the year before. I've basically been teaching the same subjects, it's just that we do it a little different every year (one year we had four blocks, one year we had three blocks, then back to four blocks, then just two blocks). I've been teaching departmentalized for the past four years but this year I will be back to having just one group of kids all day. So, I'm going to have to start over anyway and I just don't remember how to do it on Sharepoint without my technology person sitting with me to help me take down the various pages and create new ones. I figure I can go ahead and get Weebly up and running and then once the school year starts I can modify the Sharepoint site. Also, the version of Sharepoint that comes up on my home computer is different from the one that comes up at school (they are two different versions for some reason -- or at least this is what the technology coordinator explained to me when I kept having issues)and they are different enough that it causes weird glitchy problems if I update at home so I can only update my Sharepoint website from school. I'm telling you, it is a pain! LOL!!! So, yes Weebly is presenting itself to be a less frustrating solution to all of my Sharepoint issues.

  • Share your point - Rebecca Bond, Wed Jul 10 04:34
    I agree, Sharepoint has a lot of steps. I guess I have gotten used to them. I going to keep it and try to develop it. If it does not work. I 'll take your route and start new. I also like Brainpop... more
    • Spelling City & Sharepoint - lohrmk, Wed Jul 10 09:53
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