Paige Moretz
Wed Jul 10, 2013 12:48


I guess Pinterest is sort of "girly." One reason I chose it was because I thought the pictures would contextualize the written information making it easier for my struggling readers to read. However, I do find myself being a little overwhelmed with the site. Do your students navigate it easily?

  • Pinterest - Robyn Pickering, Tue Jul 9 21:18
    For my first social bookmarking site, I decided to work with pinterest. I already have a pinterest account and find the interface very user friendly. I understand the argument made by one of the... more
    • Question - Paige Moretz, Wed Jul 10 12:48
      • Re: Question - Robyn Pickering , Wed Jul 10 23:29
        Paige, While I have not used Pinterst yet in my class, the students I've seen using the program navigate it very easily. I remember being a little overwhelmed by the program at first. It took a... more
        • Thank you! - Paige Moretz, Thu Jul 11 09:35
          Robyn, Thank you for the feedback. Since I haven't really had my own students yet, it really helps me to hear what teachers in the field have experienced with theirs! I'm not too much older than most ... more
          • Re: Paige - Robyn Pickering, Thu Jul 11 19:38
            No problem Paige. I'm constantly surprised by how much students do know about technology and then how much they don't know. I have students who can find anything they need on the internet but can't... more
      • Re: Question - Karie Steelman, Wed Jul 10 13:38
        Morgan in our class got me hooked on pinterest. At first I was so confused and it took me awhile to understand what I was doing. I think the more students play around with it, the easier it will be... more
        • The Reason - Paige Moretz, Wed Jul 10 14:10
          The "pretty" factor was honestly one of the reasons I picked Pinterest. I have found that I respond better to "pretty" websites and "pretty" books. I just assume kids do too. Now, if I need a... more
    • Pinterest - Hannah Andrews, Wed Jul 10 08:48
      I like the idea of students and parents being able to follow my boards. I had never thought about using Pinterest in this way.
      • Re: Hannah - Ashley Dezern, Wed Jul 10 13:39
        I hadn't ever thought of that either but I know most of my parents are on Pinterest. So, that's a great way for them to keep up with what is going on in the classroom while doing something they like... more
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