RE: How do I...
Wed Jul 10, 2013 14:23

Most websites have a small red circular P (the Pinterest symbol) or a button that says 'Pin'. Even Youtube has a pin option when you click on share. For most websites it is near the top of the page or the start of the article but for others it is at the bottom. You have to kind of hunt for it. However, there is something you can download into your browser toolbar that allows you to make a pin out of any site. I know when I first joined Pinterest I had the option to download it. Of course that was about two years ago so they might not offer that as an option anymore because so many sites already have it directly on the page.

  • How do I... - Paige Moretz, Wed Jul 10 13:15
    Morgan, Can I "pin" any websites? I'm still figuring that out. If I can, how do I do that! :)
    • Re: How do I... - Morgan Williams, Wed Jul 10 16:46
      Do you by chance have a Mac? My computer is a Mac and when I signed up it put a Pin It tab up in the tool bar. You just click on the Pin It on the tool bar, and it brings up all the images to choose... more
      • PC User - Paige Moretz, Wed Jul 10 22:31
        Morgan, I am a PC user, so I didn't get that option when I signed up. Maybe I need to look around my account settings to see if I can download one there. Thanks for the information though!
    • Re: How do I... - Breanna Hooks, Wed Jul 10 14:39
      Paige, If you are on the computer and you click add pin (it's in the upper right hand corner) you can put the URL in the box and it will find a picture on the site you can use. I've always only... more
      • So that's how that works! - Paige Moretz, Wed Jul 10 22:10
        Breanna, I saw that, but had no idea how to use it the right way! Thank you for filling me in. I knew I needed a way to add websites (and not just repin) so that helps tons! Thanks!
        • Re: So that's how that works! - Breanna Hooks, Thu Jul 11 06:02
          No problem! Up until now all I've ever done is repin too! I've never had a reason to need to upload other things.
    • RE: How do I... - lohrmk, Wed Jul 10 14:23
      • Thank you! - Paige Moretz, Wed Jul 10 22:08
        So like a Facebook "like" button? I thought that might be the case, so now I know what to look for! I didn't get the option to download anything like you described, so that could be because so many... more
        • Anytime! - lohrmk, Thu Jul 11 00:11
          Yes, just like a facebook "like" button. Except this one is white and red and says "pin it". I'm glad I could be of some help!!!
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