2 Firewall Solutions
Wed Jul 10, 2013 15:48

1) Whenever you have a legitimate instructional use of a website that is blocked, tell (a) your principal and get administrative support to unblock; (b) tell your tech director and get it unblocked (put the request in writing/email and copy your principal. If a and b don't work and you have tenure, then let parents know that their children's education is being restricted unnecessarily. Give them the principal's and and the tech director's email and phone, tell them to be polite, and then have them adovocate for their children and you. A colleague that I collaborated with in MN continually got things unblocked for her students until her requests were automatically approved without question. The way things are is not the way they have to stay.
2) If you use Youtube and it is blocked, you have an alternative if you use Firefox. There is an add-on called "Download Youtube as MP4 1.5.18." It puts a little button on the page when you are in Youtube that you click on when you're on page of a video you want to use for instruction. Then the video downloads as an MP4 that you can show on PowerPoint or just open up and show as a file when you need it in class. And if the internet goes down you still have it. In Firefox, click on Tools > Add-ons > Get add-ons > type the add on into the search window. Download and restart. Look carefully on the Youtube page, it is easy to miss the download button that is now installed.

  • Firewalls - lohrmk, Wed Jul 10 15:01
    Our system goes back and forth on blocking social networking sites. Sometimes they are blocked and sometimes they are not. As far as I know teachers are able to access Youtube, Pinterest, Facebook,... more
    • 2 Firewall Solutions - koppenhaverd, Wed Jul 10 15:48
      • Re: 2 Firewall Solutions - Breanna Hooks, Wed Jul 10 18:55
        We have asked administrators and they do get unblocked, but then they somehow get blocked again. It's difficult because you don't know what kind of access you will have. I unfortunately do not have... more
      • Who knew? - lohrmk, Wed Jul 10 16:34
        I wish I had known that bit about Firefox and Youtube. I had no idea you could do that! I am going to copy and paste your tip into a word document and save it for future reference. I wish I had known ... more
    • Re: Firewalls - Breanna Hooks, Wed Jul 10 15:19
      That is awesome that you all can use that. We can not use YouTube either but I believe we can use teacher tube. If you didn't have those videos to show your students I guarantee they wouldn't be as... more
      • It is! - lohrmk, Wed Jul 10 15:28
        It is nice that we have access to it. For a while we had free reign of it, even students could get on it but I believe they ran into some issues, especially with older kids. So, they locked us all... more
        • Re: It is! - Breanna Hooks, Wed Jul 10 18:57
          I understand about needing to block youtube for students, especially the older ones. I don't see how much harm can be in having Pinterest in the classroom. If there is something that would normally... more
          • I would think so... - lohrmk, Wed Jul 10 19:41
            It would make sense that once they clicked on the link for the site that it would not come up. That would also be a problem with Pinterest in the classroom in general though. I'd guess you'd have to... more
            • Re: I would think so... - Breanna Hooks, Wed Jul 10 21:28
              Oh my!!! I'm guilty of just skimming discovery Ed clips or listening to them in the background while doing something else but I haven't used YouTube, mainly because I know it's blocked. I know a lot... more
              • Discovery Ed... - lohrmk, Thu Jul 11 00:09
                You have to watch Discovery Ed too. I was showing the students a video on the Lost Colony and there was a picture (one of John White's drawings) that shows the breast of a native woman. I hadn't... more
                • Re: Discovery Ed... - Breanna Hooks, Thu Jul 11 07:23
                  Thanks for the advice, I definitely will now!
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