Natalie Kabel
Re: Bookclub Blog
Wed Jul 10, 2013 16:05

I love that idea Lindsay and Cindi! I think if we give the students a chance to interact with their peers with a blog they would get into it. It's amazing how much they really know about the internet and how much we think they know. Our compter teacher does do stuff with them on the computer lab but I bet if I gave the computer teacher the idea about a blog then she would run with it. I could also give them the chance to blog in the morning as part of their morning routine.

  • Re: BookClub Blog - Lindsay Aaron, Wed Jul 10 15:43
    I am with you Cindi! I really want to start a BLOG next year. I am hoping that it really takes off! I have thought about incorporating into my computer lab time every week. My students are also... more
    • Re: Bookclub Blog - Natalie Kabel, Wed Jul 10 16:05
      • Re: Bookclub Blog - Lindsay Aaron, Wed Jul 10 18:23
        That is very interesting Natalie. Our computer teacher doesn't. We are responsible for our own computer lab. Most of the time our assistants administer computer lab. I think your computer teacher... more
        • Re: Bookclub Blog - lohrmk, Wed Jul 10 20:16
          I like this idea too. I have tried a blog with the students but it didn't turn out how I would have liked. It is definitely something I want to try and revisit next year.
          • Re: Bookclub Blog - Natalie Kabel, Thu Jul 11 13:57
            Even if the computer teacher couldn't do it every week. If she could get the students started and learned how to do it, then I think I could use it in my classroom.
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