Breanna Hooks
Re: I would think so...
Wed Jul 10, 2013 21:28

Oh my!!! I'm guilty of just skimming discovery Ed clips or listening to them in the background while doing something else but I haven't used YouTube, mainly because I know it's blocked. I know a lot of times I would watch it and it seems really good so you don't watch it to the very end. It's a good thing you did! I don't know what I would do! Good job!

  • I would think so... - lohrmk, Wed Jul 10 19:41
    It would make sense that once they clicked on the link for the site that it would not come up. That would also be a problem with Pinterest in the classroom in general though. I'd guess you'd have to... more
    • Re: I would think so... - Breanna Hooks, Wed Jul 10 21:28
      • Discovery Ed... - lohrmk, Thu Jul 11 00:09
        You have to watch Discovery Ed too. I was showing the students a video on the Lost Colony and there was a picture (one of John White's drawings) that shows the breast of a native woman. I hadn't... more
        • Re: Discovery Ed... - Breanna Hooks, Thu Jul 11 07:23
          Thanks for the advice, I definitely will now!
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