Breanna Hooks
should have googled!
Wed Jul 10, 2013 21:32

Awesome! Thanks. I should have googled Pinterest tricks! I knew there had to be a way around it.

  • Solution to Pin Photo-less Page - koppenhaverd, Wed Jul 10 20:41
    Pin a photo-less page. We've all been there: you click the "Pin it" button, only to be told that "...there are no big images or video to pin on this page." Because Pinterest requires that Web pages... more
    • Infuriating - Paige Moretz, Thu Jul 11 12:49
      Dr. K., Thanks for the tip. I am almost at my wit's end with Pinterest for this reason. I'm thinking about switching to Symbaloo. This constant rejection from Pinterest is maddening! I will try your... more
    • Thanks - Robyn Pickering, Wed Jul 10 23:21
      Thanks Dr. K. I've had that problem in the past and just couldn't figure out how to pin something that didn't actually have a photo with it. I should have thought to google it.
    • should have googled! - Breanna Hooks, Wed Jul 10 21:32
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