Ashley Dezern
Re: Debby
Wed Jul 10, 2013 21:56

Yes I definitely like how organized Pinterest is! And, lots of great ideas on there.

  • Re: Pinterest - Debby Wyant, Wed Jul 10 21:41
    Ashley, as things seem to get more complicated, I like the use of the word - organization. We could all use a little more of that in our lives. I think using pinterest would help accomplish this.....!
    • Re: Debby - Ashley Dezern, Wed Jul 10 21:56
      • Re: Debby - Debby Wyant, Wed Jul 10 23:07
        Ashley, I might have spoken toooooooo soon. I have been working on my new Pinterest site, and am having difficulty with the organization piece of, for now, just finding sites and adding... more
        • Re: Debby - Ashley Dezern, Thu Jul 11 15:27
          haha try put your stuff into different boards to help you keep things separate and organized.
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