Robyn Pickering
Cool use of Symbaloo
Wed Jul 10, 2013 23:38

That's a really great idea Lindsey. Just today while looking around I saw a teacher who had all of her resources sites put together on a symbaloo page. Up until this point, I've tried to put short cuts to the websites I use frequently on the toolbar of my browser, but you can only fit so many. I may have to get a symbaloo account just to help me get to things easier!

  • Re: A different Thought about helping the TEACHER - Lindsay Aaron, Wed Jul 10 21:07
    Natalie! That is why you need a symbaloo. I have a graduate school section, work section, home section!!! It's awesome!!! You need to get one! It's really user friendly!! My symbaloo is my homepage.... more
    • Re: A Different thought about helping the TEACHER - Natalie Kabel, Thu Jul 11 13:43
      Lindsay, you are making me want to go now and make a symbaloo account. I haven't done it yet but I think I might have to. Have you found that it has made your life easier? Is it better than pinterest?
      • SYMBALOO - aaronlp, Thu Jul 11 13:46
        It has made my life easier as whole. I even have all the sites I use to pay bills linked on the symbaloo. It is different that Pinterest. I use pinterest to find neat ideas. I use Symbaloo to keep up ... more
        • Re: Symbaloo - Natalie Kabel, Thu Jul 11 13:53
          Is there a way to find others on Symabloo so I can see how someone's account it set up? I'd love to look at it more!
          • Re: Symbaloo - Lindsay Aaron , Thu Jul 11 22:36
            Yes. You can add Symbaloos created by other people to your Symbaloos account. My county has a common core Symbaloos for reading and math. I have added theirs to my account. There are also tons of... more
    • Cool use of Symbaloo - Robyn Pickering, Wed Jul 10 23:38
      • Symbaloo - Myra Leonhardt, Thu Jul 11 01:41
        We had a workshop on symbaloo and I have wanted to organize my sites on it! one of my friends uses it daily. Reading your comments inspires me to make it happen.
    • Interested - Rebecca Bond, Wed Jul 10 22:55
      I have heard of Symaloo and contemplated looking into it. Now, you have got me interested in it again, I am going to definitely going to look at it now. Having all websites on one screen is appealing.
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