Robyn Pickering
Pinterest Privacy
Wed Jul 10, 2013 23:42

There seems to be a certain lack of privacy to pinterst. Anyone can follow you. I have a few students who follow some of my personal boards. They just searched my name and I popped up. Unlike Facebook, where you can privatize your page and deny friend request, pinterst is far more open from what I can tell. However, when I start using it as a resource in my classroom this fall, I plan to create a separate accept to try and distance my students from my personal pages.

  • public and private - Myra Leonhardt, Wed Jul 10 23:34
    That is exactly what I did. I created a new account just for use in my classroom. I did not want parents/students to have access to my personal pins. I am very cautious about what I put on-line... more
    • Pinterest Privacy - Robyn Pickering, Wed Jul 10 23:42
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