So do I...
Thu Jul 11, 2013 00:04

Our technology facilitators are stretched very thin. They work in multiple schools and it is difficult to schedule time with them. I know once I was trying to find a time to do blogging with my kids and our facilitator was booked for a month solid! Our computer teacher is the same way Karie. She is actually an assistant who is pulled for part of the day to cover the computer labs for our computer special.

  • I agree! - Karie Steelman, Wed Jul 10 23:55
    I found an awesome website from a technology teacher in SC. They had games, websites, free online publishing programs. We have one computer teacher for the whole school and she isn't really trained... more
    • So do I... - lohrmk, Thu Jul 11 00:04
      • Keyboarding sites - Karie Steelman, Thu Jul 11 11:09
        I found several keyboarding websites. One is where they learn their homerow keys and the others are keyboarding games. In first grade they search for each letter and it takes them forever to type... more
        • Keyboarding - lohrmk, Fri Jul 12 16:50
          They still hunt and peck at fourth grade too! I don't think they teach keyboarding anymore (or did they ever?). I know I personally didn't learn keyboarding until high school (but then again... more
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