Discovery Ed...
Thu Jul 11, 2013 00:09

You have to watch Discovery Ed too. I was showing the students a video on the Lost Colony and there was a picture (one of John White's drawings) that shows the breast of a native woman. I hadn't noticed it when viewing the video but the kids sure did! There have also been naked mens behinds (Native Americans of the Eastern Woodlands video) and animal sexy times (planet earth video). So, yeah, even on Discovery Ed...pre-view everything! :)

  • Re: I would think so... - Breanna Hooks, Wed Jul 10 21:28
    Oh my!!! I'm guilty of just skimming discovery Ed clips or listening to them in the background while doing something else but I haven't used YouTube, mainly because I know it's blocked. I know a lot... more
    • Discovery Ed... - lohrmk, Thu Jul 11 00:09
      • Re: Discovery Ed... - Breanna Hooks, Thu Jul 11 07:23
        Thanks for the advice, I definitely will now!
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