Paige Moretz
Thank you!
Thu Jul 11, 2013 09:35


Thank you for the feedback. Since I haven't really had my own students yet, it really helps me to hear what teachers in the field have experienced with theirs!

I'm not too much older than most high school students, and sometimes I feel really behind in technology. I also think I underestimate my student's technical prowess--they have just been more exposed to it than I was at their ages so I need to keep that in mind.

Thanks again!

  • Re: Question - Robyn Pickering , Wed Jul 10 23:29
    Paige, While I have not used Pinterst yet in my class, the students I've seen using the program navigate it very easily. I remember being a little overwhelmed by the program at first. It took a... more
    • Thank you! - Paige Moretz, Thu Jul 11 09:35
      • Re: Paige - Robyn Pickering, Thu Jul 11 19:38
        No problem Paige. I'm constantly surprised by how much students do know about technology and then how much they don't know. I have students who can find anything they need on the internet but can't... more
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