Natalie Kabel
Sun Jul 7, 2013 15:11

Hi Kassy, what do you think about the new Common core curriculum with Kindergarten? Do you find it to be a lot more challenging? Where in Winston Salem do you live? I live down by the Village Tavern off Hanes Mall Blvd.

  • Kassy's Introduction - hobsonkd, Sun Jul 7 13:13
    Hello new friends! I am Kassy Hobson, kindergarten teacher in Yadkin County (East Bend Elementary). I have just completed my second year teaching and I absolutely love it! I will now complete my... more
    • Welcome!!! - Cristina Ward, Sun Jul 7 17:12
      Hi Kassy, It's great to be working with you again. This time a technology class. I was so impressed with your wonderful books you and your little Kindergarten students created last year for the... more
      • Yay! We meet again! - hobsonkd 127, Sun Jul 7 20:42
        Hope you're doing great! I'm so exited to work with you again! :-)
    • Re: Kassy's Introduction - Lindsay Aaron, Sun Jul 7 16:06
      Kassy, I also just completed my second year teaching. I am in the same boat as you and will now graduate in December. You seem like a dog lover. I have two Yorkies, Milli and Toby. Excited to get to... more
      • Yorkies - hobsonkd 127, Sun Jul 7 20:39
        YES! I'm a total dog lover. Yorkers are sooo cute! I'm excited to work with you, too! :-)
        • Yorkies-Big Dog - Lindsay Aaron, Mon Jul 8 19:12
          Yes. I am hoping to get a big now in the near future. Looking at getting a Golden Doodle, because of my allergies!!!
    • Reply Kassy - Breanna Hooks, Sun Jul 7 16:06
      Hey Kassy! Is it a far drive to East Bend Elementary? I live in Winston Salem also and I just remember the drive to Yadkin for a class. Isn't it exciting that you will be graduating in December? How... more
      • Commute - hobsonkd 127, Sun Jul 7 20:38
        Oh yes, the commute is not takes me about 30 minutes to get to school each day. The drive (to & from) usually gives me time to clear my head, so I don't mind it too much. I cannot wait to... more
        • Re: Commute - Breanna Hooks, Mon Jul 8 19:12
          I understand about the drive clearing your head. I used to drive 50 minutes one way to school. I also liked the time to clear my head but it got pretty costly! I have 3 classes this summer, also. I... more
    • Hi - Natalie Kabel, Sun Jul 7 15:11
      • To my Tech Group member :-) - hobsonkd 127, Sun Jul 7 20:35
        I am actually pretty happy with the new common core curriculum. Being a newer teacher I wasn't as attached to the original NCSCOS, so the change was mild. I feel that the curriculum's expectations... more
    • Kinders - Paige Moretz, Sun Jul 7 14:27
      Kassy, I was afraid of Kindergarteners until my internship this past spring. There's just so much you can do in terms of literacy with the little ones. And do they ever keep you on your toes!... more
    • admiration - koppenhaverd, Sun Jul 7 13:21
      I have enormous respect for kindergarten teachers. I love 5-year-olds for about 60 minutes a day. I have no idea how you work with them 5-6 hrs a day! Winston-Salem is a wonderful place to live. I... more
      • Thanks! - hobsonkd, Sun Jul 7 13:34
        HA! Yes, five year olds have their difficult moments! They are lots of fun, though!
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