Robyn Pickering
Re: Paige
Thu Jul 11, 2013 19:38

No problem Paige. I'm constantly surprised by how much students do know about technology and then how much they don't know. I have students who can find anything they need on the internet but can't figure out how to work a word processor. I think we as teachers have a responsibility to help educate them in technological literacy. They need to hone their tech savvy skill for use in the educational world.

  • Thank you! - Paige Moretz, Thu Jul 11 09:35
    Robyn, Thank you for the feedback. Since I haven't really had my own students yet, it really helps me to hear what teachers in the field have experienced with theirs! I'm not too much older than most ... more
    • Re: Paige - Robyn Pickering, Thu Jul 11 19:38
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