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Morgan Williams
Re: Classroom Website
Fri Jul 12, 2013 09:02

Hannah- Time is always an issue for me and it seems that updating my classroom website is one of the things that does closer to the back burner each month of the school year. I always do a wonderful job the first few months of school. I usually check my stats and I notice that people stop using it. At the beginning of the year I usually have about 100 views and each month less and less, so there are times that I feel it isn't that important. This year I am going to try very hard not to let the view discourage how much I update it. I think a good way to do this is to set a day and make it a routine. I am thinking about working on mine each Thursday during my planning period.

  • Classroom Website - Hannah Andrews, Tue Jul 9 23:16
    I have had a classroom website for several years but I have always put it last on my to-do list. I never had time to update it as often as I needed to or post things for parents. I realize now how... more
    • Re: Classroom Website - Lindsay Aaron, Tue Jul 16 21:03
      Hannah, I am unsure if your school website program is difficult to operate but I have found that the reason I had trouble keeping it updates is because it wasn't very user friendly. I look forward to ... more
    • Re: Classroom Website - Morgan Williams, Fri Jul 12 09:02
    • Re: Classroom Website - Breanna Hooks, Thu Jul 11 14:30
      What a great plan to keep the site up to date. I think I might have said this every year! :-/ Do you have any ideas on how to keep it up to date? I was thinking of making it a routine to update it... more
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