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Morgan Williams
Re: Creating Professional Website (July 9)
Fri Jul 12, 2013 09:08

Debby- I feel like it is challenging when students don't have access to the Internet at home, but as time passes I think that there are less and less. Many times students say they don't have access, but then I see a parent walk in with a Smart Phone. Sometimes I think when I send home a questionnaire at the beginning of the year, if it wouldn't be worth it to list different ways parents have access to the Internet. When I ask that question I often wonder if parents think about iPads, Kindles and phones.

  • Re: Creating Professional Website (July 9) - Debby Wyant, Tue Jul 9 23:10
    I have had a website for several years. I have just used it for basic announcements and special events. Last year, I began using internet workshops to guide research in the classroom. It certainly... more
    • Re: Creating Professional Website (July 9) - Morgan Williams, Fri Jul 12 09:08
    • Paper and website - Rebecca Bond, Wed Jul 10 04:41
      I have a split in my classroom too. I have to copy my newsletter for all students, which a lot of my parents don't read. I wonder, if I only had it on my website, how many of my parents would read it ... more
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