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I have found that to be true.
Fri Jul 12, 2013 16:46

I have been surprised over and over and over again by what my children can do in regards to technology. And by my children I mean my students and my own biological children. Just like I said, I had Pre-K do the literacy through photography project and their pictures were outstanding. Even Dr. Green was impressed by the photos they took. I have definitely learned that when I let go of the control and let my students explore something they always exceed my expectations. We discussed this in one of my other classes that often in education we are told (not in all cases but in many) by legislators or administrators, etc. to not trust ourselves or our students. No one comes out and says that but things happen where that is the message and in the climate of high stakes testing it is hard to let go of the reigns and see what develops. But I will tell you, in my experience, some really amazing things occur.

  • Re: It's amazing! - Natalie Kabel, Fri Jul 12 11:55
    I guess I need to give my students more chances to show me what they know. They probably know a lot more on the internet then I give them credit for. I know that a lot of my students don't have... more
    • I have found that to be true. - lohrmk, Fri Jul 12 16:46
      • RE: I have found that to be true - Natalie Kabel, Mon Jul 15 20:25
        I guess it all comes down to the fact that I need to take the plunge and go for it! I am sure my kids will surprise me!!
        • Yes! - lohrmk, Tue Jul 16 22:52
          I can almost guarantee you that they will!
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