Robyn Pickering
Tech Group Idea
Fri Jul 12, 2013 17:39

Dr. K asked our tech group to post and let you guys know what we're up to. We've created a Skype conversation with our four members and Dr. K (so he can see what we're doing). We've set up times for us to meet and discuss the tech assignments, and we've used it to share work with each other before posting it. It's work really well. We look at the assignments and then have a good group discussion. Hopes this helps!

  • Re: Questions, Comments, Suggestions... - Breanna Hooks, Thu Jul 11 15:00
    I have completed my Twitter and I have Tweeted today. I went back and searched #RE5533 to make sure mine showed up but I don't see them. I see them when I look at my profile but not when I just do a... more
    • Whoops - Robyn Pickering, Fri Jul 12 17:41
      Posted my comment in the wrong spot.
    • Tech Group Idea - Robyn Pickering, Fri Jul 12 17:39
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