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lindsay aaron
Re: Great IPAD Website
Sun Jul 14, 2013 20:14

Bre, thank you so much for posting the website you came upon. Check out my page where I have uploaded additional parent links that I didn't have when reviewing in our Tech Group.

  • Great IPAD Website - Breanna Hooks, Thu Jul 11 14:23
    This site has many great links for ways to use the IPAD in Elementary School. You can choose the grade level on the left side. It's a Weebly website, too!... more
    • iPad - hobsonkd 127, Thu Jul 18 00:08
      I have an iPad for personal use and one for school use that I was given for the upcoming Reading 3D assessments. I have let my students use both in the past, but it still makes me a bit nervous. I... more
    • Apps - Brittany McDaniel, Tue Jul 16 19:25
      These apps are awesome. I have been looking hard to find something like this for upper elementary students. I have found a few so far. So many of my kids have iPads and Kindles and I think giving... more
      • Re: Apps - Breanna Hooks, Tue Jul 16 21:07
        The iPad is definitely a huge motivator in the classroom. I love that I now have access to one in the classroom. I wish I had access to more of them!
        • Re: Apps - Brittany McDaniel, Wed Jul 17 11:40
          At our school we only have access to mini laptops for kids. Each teacher is given a Kindle for classroom use, but it is so hard to do anything with only 1 kindle. Hopefully in the future we will get... more
          • Re: Apps - Breanna Hooks, Thu Jul 18 15:05
            What are mini-lap tops? Is it like a mobile lab or does each kid have one that they can carry with them or is assigned to them?
          • Kindles, Apps, etc. - lohrmk, Thu Jul 18 00:35
            I am glad to have access to these resources because it is not easy to find good apps that are free/cheap that you can use for literacy (especially with the upper grades). There seem to be so many... more
    • Re: Great IPAD Website - lindsay aaron, Sun Jul 14 20:14
      • Re: Great IPAD Website - Breanna Hooks, Tue Jul 16 21:10
        I have looked at your website. Thank you for sharing them! Having access to everyones web pages is a great resource!
    • RE: Great IPAD Website - Natalie Kabel, Sat Jul 13 18:28
      Thank you Breanna, Does your school have ipads for each classroom? What are your thoughts on that? I wish that my school did!! What about each child? Do you think it would be beneficial for each... more
      • RE: Great IPAD Website - Breanna Hooks, Sun Jul 14 19:01
        Our school has one iPad per classroom. We do not have one for each student. My students love the iPad and there are times when I collect my grade levels iPads to do things like research or recording... more
        • RE: Great IPAD Website - Anonymous, Mon Jul 15 18:40
          We are very fortunate at our school to get one per teacher and 5 per grade level. We use them in our literacy centers and during math, science, and social studies. One app that I like is Puppet Pals... more
          • Re: Great IPAD Website - Natalie Kabel, Tue Jul 16 14:35
            I wish they would give all schools ipads. My school does not have any and I think it would be an AMAZING thing to have an ipad in the classroom!! It's so frustrating!!!
          • RE: Great IPAD Website - Breanna Hooks, Mon Jul 15 18:44
            That app sounds like so much fun! I'm downloading it now! Thanks! By the way, your post was anonymous.
          • Puppet Pals Application - Rebecca Bond, Mon Jul 15 18:41
            It's me. Forgot to type author.
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