different suggestion
Sun Jul 14, 2013 21:20

Don't dispute what you found, Maria. What I also found, and what makes more sense to me, is that Twitter thinks it is being spammed when it suddenly receives a large number of tweets with one hashtag or lots of links. The best explanation I have found, then, is that it is not what any one of us is doing (so please keep using links), but rather than suddenly last week Twitter started receiving 60-80 messages a day with the same hashtag and links. I expect this week to be fine. I am now following all of you, and I seem to be receiving all of your posts just fine.

  • Twitter - lohrmk, Fri Jul 12 19:18
    So, twitter has been giving some of us a rather difficult time. I know at least myself and Paige have gotten our accounts suspended. I think part of the reason some of us are having problems is... more
    • different suggestion - koppenhaverd, Sun Jul 14 21:20
      • Spamming - lohrmk, Mon Jul 15 10:04
        Yes, the tech support email that was sent to me basically said Twitter thought we were spamming and that is why we couldn't find our tweets when we were searching for them.
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