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Cindi bradshaw
Spelling City
Tue Jul 16, 2013 14:51

I use Spelling City at home for my daughter and have for about 3 years. I really like the many features that it has to offer as both a parent and an educator. I liked it so much in the beginning that I offered to purchase my daughters class a subscription.

  • So excited about these new sites!!!!!!!!!!!!! - hobsonkd 127, Tue Jul 16 10:21
    Before researching the new sites and resources that Dr. K has provided, I decided to touch on how I teach letters and sounds in kindergarten. I teach Letterland’s “Fast-Track” with many... more
    • Skype - Robyn Pickering, Tue Jul 16 22:01
      Skype is a cool tool for bringing authors and other experts into our classroom. A teacher I have partnered with has gotten a Jewish couple to Skype with her during her unit on the Holocaust. They're... more
      • Skype - hobsonkd 127, Tue Jul 16 22:20
        Wow! What a great idea to Skype someone with a Jewish background while researching the Holocaust. Skype can be thought of as a FREE field trip/learning experience in the classroom! (with the budget... more
    • Re: So excited about these new sites!!!!!!!!!!!!! - Breanna Hooks, Tue Jul 16 14:51
      I can tell you are very excited by this study! I love your enthusiasm! It's great that your assistant works well with you and you two can stay on the same page with your students. It really helps to... more
      • Lit Centers - hobsonkd 127, Tue Jul 16 18:07
        You will love kindergarten. If my students are not working on guided reading with me or word study with my assistant, they are in literacy centers. Each student has a literacy center partner. With... more
        • Re: Lit Centers - Breanna Hooks, Tue Jul 16 20:50
          It sounds like you have a lot of technology. I think that is great! I have a feeling I will love Kindergarten, but it will definitely be a change! I like that you have a lot of different things going ... more
          • Busy - hobsonkd 127, Tue Jul 16 22:16
            They stay busy, actually (especially when they get the hang of things). The best advice I can give you: Don't underestimate the kinders. They are capable of so much more than you'd think. I teach... more
    • Spelling City - Cindi bradshaw, Tue Jul 16 14:51
      • Spelling City - hobsonkd 127, Tue Jul 16 18:09
        I agree, it's wonderful! The first grade teachers at my school live by it, as do I! :-)
      • Re:Spelling City - Robyn Pickering, Tue Jul 16 17:00
        Thanks for sharing Spelling City! It's a K-12 site, so I'm super excited to explore it for my high school classes. My students could really use some spelling practice. I think once they past middle... more
        • Re:Spelling City - Brittany McDaniel, Wed Jul 17 11:47
          That is very true. I used Spelling City all the time when I taught 3rd grade. This past year when I was moved to 5th I did not really get to use it. I was put under the impression by some others at... more
      • Re: Spelling City - Natalie Kabel, Tue Jul 16 15:23
        Cindi, I have never really done much with Spelling City. What is it like? Why do you like it so much? Can you provide me with some more information?
        • Spelling City - Cindi, Thu Jul 18 15:55
          Natalie, With spelling city you can add in your own spelling list each week and the kids can play games with the words, take test with the words, learn vocabulary with your word list, use the words... more
    • RE: Kassy - Natalie Kabel, Tue Jul 16 14:18
      Kassy, I am so glad that your assistant has been trained with ASU sorts. Did you train her or was that something that your school did? I wish all of our assistants had that training! I would love to... more
      • Awesome Assistant - hobsonkd 127, Tue Jul 16 17:56
        She has been doing word sorts for several years now. Our reading specialist at our school trained all of our assistants on the early steps lesson plan -- word study, reading plans, and all that goes... more
        • Re: Awesome Assistant - Karie Steelman, Tue Jul 16 22:29
          That is a GREAT idea Kassy!! I would love for our reading specialist to train all assistants with the early steps lesson plan!!! I'm emailing my principal now! :)
        • Re: Awesome Assistant - Ashley Dezern, Tue Jul 16 21:57
          Kassy I'm like you in that my assistant has been trained using ASU words sorts and in Words Their Way spelling. She was trained by our Title I teacher and she is great with the spelling center. She... more
          • Awesome Assistants - hobsonkd 127, Tue Jul 16 22:22
            What would we do without them?!?! I am glad you have the same support that I have!
            • Would be lost - Ashley Dezern, Tue Jul 16 23:37
              I don't know what I would do without mine. It is great having someone else in the classroom that can help monitor spelling groups and knows how/when they are ready to move up to the next sort.
              • Re: Assistants - lohrmk, Thu Jul 18 10:12
                It's funny, I teach upper grades and have for the entire 10 years that I've been teaching so I've never had an assistant. This year I had one for 30 minutes twice a week and I literally just stared... more
            • Re: Awesome Assistants - Karie Steelman, Tue Jul 16 22:43
              I'm jealous and mad at you both! :)
    • RE: Kassy - Heather Fisher, Tue Jul 16 11:09
      I think it's a great idea that your assistant is trained in ASU word sorts. This is very beneficial and you know that you can trust her to complete word sorts accurately. I love that you use many... more
      • Word Sorts - hobsonkd 127, Tue Jul 16 22:33
        Letterland is great. I use it to motivate kiddos who aren't already familiar with the alphabet. For those who do already "know" the alphabet, it helps them feel more comfortable with the sounds.... more
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