Natalie Kabel
Re: Imagine It
Tue Jul 16, 2013 16:05

Breanna, I agree!! I like having the phonics part of it. It's good and mapped out sequentially and teaches phonics in an organized fashion, but I DON'T like the reading part of it. I wish I could pick and choose which parts of the curriculum I could use!

  • Imagine it - Breanna Hooks, Tue Jul 16 15:46
    I have heard a lot of negative things about Imagine It but I have not experienced it for myself. I like the idea of having something kind of mapped out but I wouldn't want to be told exactly what to... more
    • Re: Imagine It - Natalie Kabel, Tue Jul 16 16:05
      • Re: Imagine It - Breanna Hooks, Tue Jul 16 20:56
        Are you supposed to follow it strictly or are you allowed to stray from the program? (i.e. if your principal walked in would she turn the other way or would you get scolded for not following it!?)
      • RE:Imagine It! - Heather Fisher, Tue Jul 16 17:24
        Imagine It! does do a good job of adding phonics into their program, however; all students don't all need the same word work practice at the same time. Some students may be on beginning sounds while... more
        • RE:Imagine It! - Breanna Hooks, Tue Jul 16 20:57
          That makes sense! I find that is what's wrong with a lot of programs. They go at one rate. If you are not able to stray from it and provide the instruction to the students where their needs are then... more
        • Re: Imagine It - Natalie Kabel, Tue Jul 16 17:28
          I agree!! For my students who are right on track with 1st grade (or below) I would do Imagine It. The others I would do word sorts during word study time! I wish we had that flexibility.
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