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Natalie Kabel
Re: Imagine It
Tue Jul 16, 2013 17:28

I agree!! For my students who are right on track with 1st grade (or below) I would do Imagine It. The others I would do word sorts during word study time! I wish we had that flexibility.

  • RE:Imagine It! - Heather Fisher, Tue Jul 16 17:24
    Imagine It! does do a good job of adding phonics into their program, however; all students don't all need the same word work practice at the same time. Some students may be on beginning sounds while... more
    • RE:Imagine It! - Breanna Hooks, Tue Jul 16 20:57
      That makes sense! I find that is what's wrong with a lot of programs. They go at one rate. If you are not able to stray from it and provide the instruction to the students where their needs are then... more
    • Re: Imagine It - Natalie Kabel, Tue Jul 16 17:28
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