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Lindsay Aaron
Re: Classroom Use of Weebly
Tue Jul 16, 2013 21:01


I LOVE IT! It will definitely motivate the students to produce nice writing. I will have to mention this to my grade level. Our only problem is that our students tremendously lack keyboarding skills and it is difficult for them to publish a piece in a decent amount of time via computer. However, thanks for the idea!

  • Classroom Use of Weebly - Robyn Pickering, Thu Jul 11 19:31
    I cannot take credit for this idea because a teacher friend of my suggested it. He had his students create electronic portfolios of writing using Weebly. Students can register for Weebly accounts and ... more
    • Weebly - hobsonkd 127, Thu Jul 18 00:07
      I haven't gotten a chance to use Weebly myself as I am using SchoolWorld (a county-funded program that's already linked to our school sites) for my Professional Website, but from what I've heard... more
    • Re: Classroom Use of Weebly - lohrmk, Wed Jul 17 00:24
      I love the idea of creating a digital portfolio for writing. Every year I have these huge crates filled with writing and other work samples. I have a very small classroom and I don't have a whole lot ... more
    • Re: Classroom Use of Weebly - Lindsay Aaron, Tue Jul 16 21:01
    • Weebly for writing - Cindi Bradshaw, Tue Jul 16 14:54
      I really like the idea of having students create the weebly as a means of 'housing' their best work. It is an awesome idea in helping to decrease the amount of paperwork that one keeps each year plus ... more
      • Weebly - Robyn p, Tue Jul 16 19:20
        I think it also helps incorporate those 21st century technology skills.
    • good use of Weebly - Rebecca Bond, Mon Jul 15 18:24
      Robyn that is a wonderful idea to have the students manage their own writing portfolios. I was thinking about sites that would allow younger to students to do the same. It just takes younger children ... more
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