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Karie Steelman
Re: Word Study
Tue Jul 16, 2013 22:26

Yeah they had a spelling test. Some of the activities she did was have the kids sort the words, play concentration, write headers on dry erase boards and then she would call out the word and they had to write it under the header. Then take their test. I did everything I could think of. She likes to cut out laminate and make copies rather than actually teaching and guiding kids. :( Oh well, I'm thinking of new plans and hopeful for a better year!

  • Word Study - hobsonkd 127, Tue Jul 16 18:13
    Karie, did your students have spelling tests or spelling checks after they finished their sorts (before moving to next) when your assistant was teaching the sorts. I see the production as a way to... more
    • Re: Word Study - Karie Steelman, Tue Jul 16 22:26
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