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Karie Steelman
Re: Awesome Assistant
Tue Jul 16, 2013 22:29

That is a GREAT idea Kassy!! I would love for our reading specialist to train all assistants with the early steps lesson plan!!! I'm emailing my principal now! :)

  • Awesome Assistant - hobsonkd 127, Tue Jul 16 17:56
    She has been doing word sorts for several years now. Our reading specialist at our school trained all of our assistants on the early steps lesson plan -- word study, reading plans, and all that goes... more
    • Re: Awesome Assistant - Karie Steelman, Tue Jul 16 22:29
    • Re: Awesome Assistant - Ashley Dezern, Tue Jul 16 21:57
      Kassy I'm like you in that my assistant has been trained using ASU words sorts and in Words Their Way spelling. She was trained by our Title I teacher and she is great with the spelling center. She... more
      • Awesome Assistants - hobsonkd 127, Tue Jul 16 22:22
        What would we do without them?!?! I am glad you have the same support that I have!
        • Would be lost - Ashley Dezern, Tue Jul 16 23:37
          I don't know what I would do without mine. It is great having someone else in the classroom that can help monitor spelling groups and knows how/when they are ready to move up to the next sort.
          • Re: Assistants - lohrmk, Thu Jul 18 10:12
            It's funny, I teach upper grades and have for the entire 10 years that I've been teaching so I've never had an assistant. This year I had one for 30 minutes twice a week and I literally just stared... more
        • Re: Awesome Assistants - Karie Steelman, Tue Jul 16 22:43
          I'm jealous and mad at you both! :)
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