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Lindsay Aaron
Re: Spelling Instruction
Tue Jul 16, 2013 22:49

I think you can use WTW very similar to the ASU sorts. I think instead of using all the words that are suggested for WTW cut them down and switch them out like we do in clinic. I also like how the spell checks are administered in clinic which can also be done with WTW. I have found success with engaging the students in Speed Sorts, No Peeking Sorts and Partner Sorts. I think the ASU sorts are easier to work with I feel that WTW just has a lot to look trough, if that makes sense.

  • Spelling Instruction - Rebecca Bond, Tue Jul 16 22:38
    Lindsay, After going through Assessment and Correction and Clinic now, I am changing my spelling instruction completely. I will be using part of Words Their Way and ASU spelling sorts as well. I hope ... more
    • Re: Spelling Instruction - Lindsay Aaron, Tue Jul 16 22:49
      • RE: RE: Spelling Instruction - lohrmk, Tue Jul 16 23:20
        I agree with you about Words Their Way and it can be a lot. I basically use Words Their Way very similarly to the way we did spelling in clinic!
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