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Re: Spelling
Tue Jul 16, 2013 23:15

I honestly think that once students hit upper elementary, spelling starts to go out the window and then it is gone by middle and high school. When I was in high school we were given frequently missed words but that was it and it was just a list to memorize. I know at my school, fifth grade doesn't teach spelling at all and sixth grade (we're k-6) only does frequently misspelled words. Fourth grade used to not teach spelling until I joined the team and now we do, just because I was persuasive enough to get the others to agree to do it, lol! We now use Words Their Way. So, it is no wonder kids still can't spell at the high school level! That being said, every year I have parents kind of freak out over spelling. They don't understand why I'm not sending home three times each, ABC order, etc. for homework. They also don't understand why they don't get the big list to memorize with worksheets to complete. Also, I think the older kids get, the less they need the vowel pattern sorts, etc. They start needing it to be more vocabulary based with the affixes and root words, etc. In my classroom I have a HUGE variety of spelling levels. I will have some that are still working on some of the more familiar vowel patterns all the way up to kids who are working on affixes for that reason I do use differentiation with spelling and the students work in essentially two groups (I have done three groups before).

  • Spelling - Robyn Pickering, Tue Jul 16 22:16
    Todays articles and websites got me to thinking about teaching spelling in my high school classroom. I teach vocabulary, but outside of commonly misspelled words. It's not something I or any teacher... more
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