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Marcia Cornett
Reading Rockets
Tue Jul 16, 2013 23:50


I love this website. I have it bookmarked on my computer and used almost all their applications links for literacy on my website. For those who dont know about this website, should definitely start researching it.

  • Word Study - Rebecca Bond, Tue Jul 16 23:08
    This is a great site to explain word study to any colleagues that are not using it. Get them on board!
    • Re: Word Study - lohrmk, Wed Jul 17 20:26
      I actually used this article in a blog post that I did about teaching spelling. I think it is a great, straight-forward, low jargon article about what word study is and how to use it and why!
    • Reading Rockets - Marcia Cornett, Tue Jul 16 23:50
      • Reading Rockets - Hannah Andrews, Wed Jul 17 07:08
        I had never used this site before but I have heard so much about it since we started this class. I've looked over it and realized it is a great resource. I have added it to my website and I can't... more
        • great - Marcia Cornett, Wed Jul 17 10:59
          I'm glad you like it too. My son plays on it & that's it's great. Another good website for teachers & students is Big Universe. A principal & I have been speaking about it & he is going to try to get ... more
          • RE: great - lohrmk, Thu Jul 18 21:38
            I had only vaguely heard of this website but after this class I feel like I am being directed to it through one of our readings or activities. I have found it to be full of great resources and I am... more
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