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Re: Weebly
Wed Jul 17, 2013 00:15

I have really come to love weebly! It is so easy to use and it makes me feel like I'm some sort of tech wiz. It is literally a matter of seconds and I have whatever content added to the page that I wanted to add. The best part is, I don't need a huge word document on how to do it or to have a specialist sitting beside me baby stepping me through the process. My county uses sharepoint and I tell you, every year it is like starting over with my website. I forget from year to year how to change the page headings and add new ones and take the old ones off. It is not a system that I can do independently even after four years of using it regularly. With Weebly it took no time at all for me to figure out what to do. I love the drag and drop feature it has for building page content. On my weebly page I can embed a video, post a photo album, etc. with ease. I still don't know how to do it at school but I assure you it is not nearly as simple! I am the same way you are with updating my site. I do it every week (at least once a week, sometimes more) but it is a pain in my behind so I avoid it. Also, the way our system is set up, my sharepoint at school is an older version than the sharepoint that comes up at home. For this reason, I can only update at school because I at least understand those features more than the ones at home. Also, this different versions thing causes some people to not be able to pull up content I post correctly so sometimes even parents who are checking my web page aren't getting the information they need. I find it funny that they tell us to use the webpages provided, etc. but they make it so difficult to do anything to it that it is no wonder half the teachers in my school have blank pages.

  • Weebly - Brittany McDaniel, Tue Jul 16 19:23
    I have had a classroom website for several years but I have always put it on my to-do list. It seems like I never really had time to get it updated. After using Weebly, I have realized that its not... more
    • Re: Weebly - lohrmk, Wed Jul 17 00:15
      • Weebly - Brittany McDaniel, Wed Jul 17 11:37
        That's very true. I know so many teachers at my school that do not even fool with their webpage because it is so complicated. I will be recommending Weebly to fellow teachers espeically some of the... more
        • RE: Re: Weebly - lohrmk, Thu Jul 18 00:30
          Me too! I am stuck though with the conundrum of what to do with my school webpage. I know I will probably have to either ask the "powers that be" if I can put a link to my Weebly page on my school... more
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