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Breanna Hooks
Re: Letters, Sounds, & Words
Wed Jul 17, 2013 15:47

I agree about the ASU and spell checks. I was previously moving my kids too quick through the patterns and I don't think it was helping them much. Spelling city sounds fun but I could see your mixed feelings about it.

  • Re: Letters, Sounds, & Words - Lindsay Aaron, Tue Jul 16 20:41
    Breanna, I also thought that Words Their Way was similar to ASU clinic. However I like the way the Clinic taught us to assess their independence and perform spell checks. I think I put too much... more
    • Re: Letters, Sounds, & Words - Breanna Hooks, Wed Jul 17 15:47
      • Re: Letters, Sounds, & Words - Lindsay Aaron, Wed Jul 17 17:06
        Yes, I think the way I was using WTW was to much for my kids. It is all about pacing and making sure they are independent with sorting before moving further with spelling!
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