Debby Wyant
Re: Online Reading
Wed Jul 17, 2013 17:24

Natalie, when setting up internet workshops, look up specific animals, for instance. One site that works for all of the animals we study is This site can be linked for all the workshops and is basically safe and user friendly. I was able to link it to all the animals we researched last year. Works great. Just find sites like this and link them on your teacher web under the heading of the animals you choose. Then happy surfing. Kids surfing is controlled, because you chose the sites beforehand, link them and all they have to do is click, and they're there. It is so time effective and it helps increase time on task which is important for all educators.
Great points from you...

  • Online Reading - Natalie Kabel, Wed Jul 17 16:11
    After meeting with my group about the online reading articles a couple of things stuck out to me. In regards to print based and online reading instruction, I didn't find much of a difference, the... more
    • Webquests - Robyn Pickering , Wed Jul 17 20:34
      Webquests are a staple in my classroom for building background knowledge on a topic. Some of my advice, don't ask too many questions. The webquest needs to be something they can manage in one or two... more
      • Wednesday Webinars - Cindi, Sat Jul 20 12:01
        In response to your message about webquests I have a link for all those interested in learning how to build/create their own: Web Tool Wednesday Webinar Email my work email more
      • Re: Webquests - Natalie Kabel, Wed Jul 17 21:31
        Robyn, Thank you so much for your thoughts. I had never thought about using them as building background knowledge but I can see how that would work well. I think I'm going to create a worksheet or... more
        • Wenquests - Robyn Pickering , Thu Jul 18 09:19
          Check out from some premade webquests.
    • Re:Natalie - Heather Fisher, Wed Jul 17 19:25
      I like the idea of having a powerpoint to go with the vocab. You could also have them create their own, act it out, make an animoto of the new terms, or create a book. This puts more power in their... more
      • Re: Natalie - Natalie Kabel, Wed Jul 17 21:28
        Heather, I have never actually thought about having them make their own, but that's definitely something that you could have them do. I think then they will really have to internalize what they are... more
    • Re: Online Reading - Debby Wyant, Wed Jul 17 17:24
      • Re: Online Reading - Natalie Kabel, Wed Jul 17 21:29
        Debby, Thank you for your information, that will really help me!! I am really looking forward to doing this. How long does it normally take your class to complete an activity like this?
      • Re: Online Reading - Breanna Hooks, Wed Jul 17 18:15
        I love this idea of doing internet workshops. I have never thought about it before but after reading these articles I feel like they could be implemented in the classroom very easily. The fact that... more
        • Re: Online Reading - Natalie Kabel, Wed Jul 17 21:33
          That's what I'm thinking Breanna! Using these internet workshops have become so interesting to me because they are controlled and the students are control of their own learning and it makes them be... more
        • Open surf - Robyn Pickering, Wed Jul 17 20:23
          Students really need to have a lot of training before they start open surfing. Even my high school students are overwhelmed by the amount of material out there. I like the idea of the controlled... more
          • Re: Open Surfing - lohrmk, Thu Jul 18 13:31
            You are right about how overwhelming it can be to search for information on the internet. Sometimes I get overwhelmed looking for information about a topic. I also sometimes feel frustrated when I... more
    • Re: Online Reading - Lindsay Aaron, Wed Jul 17 16:32
      Natalie, I read the article from Learn NC. It talked a lot about how students are distracted by popups, videos, images and etc that come along with online reading. There was an interesting site... more
      • Training students - Robyn Pickering, Wed Jul 17 20:30
        It's probably a good idea to work with students on good internet researching skills before doing an internet workshop. Sort of like doing a nonfiction text components scavenger hunt but the internet... more
        • RE: Training - lohrmk, Thu Jul 18 09:44
          That was actually mentioned in the Internet Workshop article. It said that they trained students how to do an internet workshop and use the internet for research before they ever started the... more
        • Training - hobsonkd 127, Wed Jul 17 22:19
          I think training is a great idea. If we model for them on the smartboard (or any other projector)...they will have a better understanding of our expectations.
        • Re: Training students - Lindsay Aaron , Wed Jul 17 20:55
          I agree Robyn. It's great to provide that support so that they are successful in researching and such.
      • Re: Online Reading - Natalie Kabel, Wed Jul 17 16:50
        I read about that readability. I think that if you have a child who needs to do research online to use that readability because it will help them! But those strategies are so important as well!! I... more
        • Re: Online Reading - Lindsay Aaron, Wed Jul 17 17:03
          I would like to try it for myself as well. I think it seems very neat!
      • Re: Online Reading - Brittany McDaniel, Wed Jul 17 16:34
        I really liked those tools. I find myself being just like that kid. I tend to go from page to page when researching and eventually realize that I have gotten off track and wasted so much time. I may... more
        • Re: Online Reading - Lindsay Aaron, Wed Jul 17 17:04
          Yes, I think it is the natural ADD in all of us. It is human nature to become distracted. I have to distance myself from distractions. We have to learn behaviors and how to get around them. That is... more
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