Heather Fisher
Re: Debby
Wed Jul 17, 2013 17:48

I like the idea of putting all of the words together into a big book and then having a big project/dictionary at the end of the year to refer to. Great idea!

  • Re: Online Reading - Debby Wyant, Wed Jul 17 17:07
    Heather, great input..You mentioned drawing of vocabulary words. All research points to this being a strong factor in acquiring understanding and full use of words. Anything visual is needed, along... more
    • Re: Online Reading - Breanna Hooks, Wed Jul 17 18:07
      Great idea to put all the character words together. Do they do anything else with the words or is it just a few students working on them and then put in the book after they are shared?
    • Re: Debby - Heather Fisher, Wed Jul 17 17:48
    • Re: Online Reading - Natalie Kabel, Wed Jul 17 17:42
      Debby, What a neat idea. How do you pick those character words? Are these words that you have come across while you have been reading or somewhere else? I'd love to hear more!
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