Heather Fisher
RE: Lindsay Aaron
Wed Jul 17, 2013 17:52

You are right! Hopefully we have instilled so much of comprehension as a reading piece that they just do it automatically. Mine tend to rush through LEXIA (A word study program) so that they can get in their 15 minutes and be done. This generation of kids wants instant gratification and if they have to wait for it, it is difficult for them. I was surprised too that the comprehension did not go down with e-readers and tablets, but if they did read on the internet instead of an e-reader or tablet, their comprehension may drop because of the distractions of ads and pop ups.

  • Re: Online Reading - Lindsay Aaron, Wed Jul 17 16:39
    Heather, I do think this generation of learners is so wrapped up in technology that they are more apt to success when engaging in these materials. However, when I had my students on the program... more
    • RE: Lindsay Aaron - Heather Fisher, Wed Jul 17 17:52
      • RE: Lindsay Aaron - Lindsay Aaron, Wed Jul 17 19:45
        Yes, that is true. Many tablets don't have the popups and tool bars like reading online. So therefore there is not as much distraction with those devices.
        • RE: RE: - lohrmk, Thu Jul 18 18:31
          That is one of the great things about mobile devices. They do strip away all of the extra things that can steal your focus. I was also surprised by the findings of that study. I would have thought... more
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