Breanna Hooks
Re: Online Reading
Wed Jul 17, 2013 18:24

It is important to note where the study took place but it is also important to note the difference in generations and experiences. Some kids are very familiar with online reading while some are not. When reading I like to read on paper but I think that's partly because that's what I'm used to. How do you notice your students do with online reading?

  • Re: Online Reading - Morgan Williams, Wed Jul 17 17:48
    The major difference between print and online reading are how they are displayed. In the Kretzschmar article it said that although most of the candidates preferred text on paper, there is no evidence ... more
    • Re: Online Reading - Brittany McDaniel, Wed Jul 17 20:34
      You make a good point. There are many times that I just pull something up online because I don't want to run copies. I think that is one reason kids are use to online text. Some kids seem to do good... more
    • Re: Online Reading - Breanna Hooks, Wed Jul 17 18:24
      • Re: Online Reading - Morgan Williams, Wed Jul 17 20:34
        My students do pretty well with online reading. My students get really excited about reading on a Kindle, because most of them don't have this type of technology at home. As far as if the skills are... more
        • Re: Online Reading - Breanna Hooks, Thu Jul 18 05:30
          I have seen the same trends in my school. My students who don't have a lot of access to technology at home enjoy using it at school more. I can also see students compressing both just the same, it's... more
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