hobsonkd 127
Wed Jul 17, 2013 22:19

I think training is a great idea. If we model for them on the smartboard (or any other projector)...they will have a better understanding of our expectations.

  • Training students - Robyn Pickering, Wed Jul 17 20:30
    It's probably a good idea to work with students on good internet researching skills before doing an internet workshop. Sort of like doing a nonfiction text components scavenger hunt but the internet... more
    • RE: Training - lohrmk, Thu Jul 18 09:44
      That was actually mentioned in the Internet Workshop article. It said that they trained students how to do an internet workshop and use the internet for research before they ever started the... more
    • Training - hobsonkd 127, Wed Jul 17 22:19
    • Re: Training students - Lindsay Aaron , Wed Jul 17 20:55
      I agree Robyn. It's great to provide that support so that they are successful in researching and such.
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