Cristina Ward
Sun Jul 7, 2013 17:30

Hi Robyn,

I'm glad to be working with you side by side, in this technology class. When you mentioned that you are a High School English teacher and your struggling students. I had to remember some articles we are discussing in another class, that mentioned exactly what you were stating. There is not enough emphasis put in the Literacy at the Middle and High School levels. Topics are broad and deep and students are not prepared for those type of assignments.I mean, no matter what subject students take. So, it's awesome that you took the initiative to do something about it, and be able to better prepare your students. :)

  • Robyn's Introduction - Robyn Pickering, Sun Jul 7 11:51
    My name is Robyn Pickering. I am a high school English teacher in Wilkes County NC. I've been teaching tenth grade for the last two years since I graduated from Western Carolina University. I joined... more
    • Re: Robyn - Ashley Dezern, Mon Jul 8 20:44
      I enjoyed working with you in Dr. Jackson's class can't wait to learn new things in this class. :)
    • Re: Robyn's Introduction - Morgan Williams, Mon Jul 8 09:48
      Hey Robyn! I think it is awesome that you saw your students struggling to read and you decided to do something to help them. Do you feel like you have learned a lot in this program that would apply... more
    • Response to Robyn - Marcia Cornett, Sun Jul 7 20:52
      Hi Robyn. Congrats on the graduation. I live in Caldwell County and found you to be my closest neighbor in class. Was wondering if you plan to move into the elementary/middle school setting to help... more
      • Re: Marcia - Robyn Pickering, Sun Jul 7 21:21
        Marcia, I've thought about moving to a middle school setting in the next few years, but I haven't completely made up my mind yet. Part of me feels like I might do more good in high school trying to... more
    • Hi!!!! - Cristina Ward, Sun Jul 7 17:30
      • Re: Hi! - Robyn Pickering, Sun Jul 7 23:03
        Cristina, I find it ironic sometimes that literacy isn't per say a focus in the high school English classroom. I think we as high school teachers expect students to come to us with the skills... more
    • Pinny! - Natalie Kabel, Sun Jul 7 15:13
      I LOVE Pinterest!! I could find things for my classroom all the time! It's insane what people post on there and some of the tings that you can do!
      • love it!! - Karie Steelman, Sun Jul 7 15:17
        I had to reply to this because I'M OBSESSED WITH PINTEREST! I love all the things I find for my classroom and craft ideas. I just wish I had enough time to actually try all of the things that I find! ... more
    • Re: Robyn's Introduction - Anonymous, Sun Jul 7 14:13
      Robyn, I live in Deep Gap, and I have family from the Yellow Hill area of Wilkes! Although I love App, I like WCU too. Ironically, I have family who went there as well. It amazes me how many older... more
      • Anonymous is Paige Moretz - Paige Moretz, Sun Jul 7 14:44
        Sorry Robyn! I didn't attach my name to that post! My name is Paige. I'm hoping that by the end of these next three weeks I'll be able to navigate this messaging system! :)
    • Broader thanks to Rdg Program - koppenhaverd, Sun Jul 7 13:18
      Thanks are definitely due to Dr. Trathen for figuring out how to help you and many of your classmates finish up before December, and for negotiating letters of agreement with schools that they will... more
      • Couldn't Agree More!!! - lohrmk, Sun Jul 7 19:15
        I have always just loved and appreciated the support from the faculty at ASU. You all have a special place in my heart for all that you have done for the students at App. I think it really shows how... more
    • Pinterest=Love - hobsonkd, Sun Jul 7 12:45
      Robyn, I looooooove Pinterest, too! I am fully capable of (and guilty for) "poking" around the site for hours!
      • Re: Pinterest = Love - Robyn Pickering, Mon Jul 8 22:52
        I've found some great things for my classroom on that website that's for sure.
      • pinterest = love - lohrmk, Sun Jul 7 19:20
        I too spend way too much time on Pinterest. I made the mistake of installing the app on my phone. Now, anytime I'm waiting around somewhere I find myself just aimlessly browsing pins because it is... more
        • Pinterest - Hannah Andrews, Mon Jul 8 15:34
          I am also a lover of Pinterest! I have found some wonderful classroom ideas!
        • Agreed - hobsonkd 127, Sun Jul 7 20:43
          I could not agree more! :-)
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